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"Andrassy Media almost always surprise us. They exceed our expectations by presenting us with ideas we'd never have thought of – and they're usually exactly right. We often hear design companies pitching for work telling us what our brand is. Andrassy Media has never done that. That they do truly understand it is evident in the work that they do for us. They don't produce work that simply looks nice – although it often does that too. Everything is the result of a proper thought process and a real understanding of the brief."
Stuart Leeks, Opera North


"I have been very impressed by the way Andrassy Media were able to put the women [of the Zimbabwe Women's Organisation] at their ease and elicit very natural interviews in which they talked frankly and movingly about their experiences."
Eve Davidson, North West Together We Can


"WOW – what a service – thanks to all involved for pulling out the stops!"
Tim Pinder, CEO Cheshire Peaks and Plains Housing Trust


"David is creative, meticulous and imaginative. Whenever I have worked with him, he has produced beautiful designs beyond my expectations. He is easy to talk to at all stages of the design process, and relishes the opportunity to collaborate."
Adam Strickson, freelance artist and Teaching Fellow in Creative Writing at the University of Leeds.


"Without Andrassy Media's constant encouragement and support this book would not have been possible. Their professional input and commitment made the project an enjoyable and rewarding one"
Robert Hall and Lynne Green, editors Peter Stead: a life in dynamic equilibrium


"The book is great. The reason it's so good, and the reason it's different to when we've worked with other designers, is that you listened to us. You listened, you understood what we wanted and you interpreted it correctly."
Oral history group participant on working with Andrassy Media


"Andrassy Media worked closely with us throughout the rebrand process to ensure the new Date Opticians brand would speak compellingly to existing and newer customers alike. Several years on, the Date brand is as fresh as it was the day we launched it. It continues to attract new customers and David’s fund of creative ideas for developing customer loyalty continues to inform our marketing approach. It’s a highly successful partnership!"
Martin Spriggs, BSc (Hons) MCOptom, Owner, Date Opticians

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