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Ecology Building Society’s commitment to sustainable mortgages and ethical savings has given it a loyal base of environmentally committed members. Yet the Ecology realised there was also a much wider layer of homeowners, concerned for the environment and disheartened by the failings of the banking industry, who could also be drawn towards the society’s uniquely ethical stance.

So in 2012, with debate raging about the likely success of the Green Deal, Ecology decided it was time to spread the word that it rewards homeowners for saving energy.

Andrassy Media was asked to develop a national campaign built around the society’s C-Change mortgage discount range.

The C-change products, while highly attractive, had a number of features which were potentially confusing to customers less versed in environmental issues.

Andrassy Media’s Shrink This! campaign cut through this complexity with a simple message: you shrink your carbon footprint, and we’ll shrink your mortgage rate.

The campaign message represented a new tone of voice for the Ecology whose advertising had previously appealed purely to ethical beliefs. Yet the shift in emphasis was important if the campaign was to reach out beyond the society’s traditional customer base.

The concept immediately picked up industry plaudits, winning the Ecological/Green Category in the 2012 Mortgage Finance Gazette Awards.

Campaign materials were developed for the national press, online promotions and exhibitions.

The assertively stated offer and bold footprint motif attracted widespread attention, and the campaign successfully gave the Ecology the platform it needed to attract increasing numbers of homeowners that it had previously been unable to engage:


pack shot


“The C-Change mortgage discounts continue to pick up awards, and figure in a growing proportion of our mortgage book, enabling us to track the increased energy efficiency standards represented by the type of properties we lend on when compared against the general condition of the UK housing stock.”

Paul Ellis, Chief Executive, Ecology Building Society



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