Preserving life through knowledge

When London-based African Health Policy Network was looking to fulfill a Department of Health (DH) commission to reach out to Muslim communities in England, Andrassy Media was asked to consider the design implications of an HIV awareness resource intended for use in an Islamic context.

Our solution, arrived at through detailed work with Imams, HIV workers and DH personnel, aimed to respond both to the requirements of Islam and those of health promotion specialists, to create a toolkit with high levels of acceptability within Muslim communities.

Life & Knowledge is produced as an elegantly decorated box to convey a sense of preciousness that reinforces the tookit’s central message: knowledge must be sought in order to protect life itself.

Printed in gold ink with pale blue lining, the box contains training resources which are colour coded with further traditional Islamic patterns symbolising the Islamic principles of fairness, justice, equality, compassion and mercy. No representational imagery appears anywhere in the toolkit, which employs elegant, refined typography to convey its messages.

We are immensely proud to have worked on this project which seems to us to be the epitome of what multiculturalism can actually mean in practice.

life knowledge1

The toolkit has a much higher quality finish than many similar resources; a metaphor for the preciousness of the lives it seeks to preserve.


life knowledge2 life knowledge3
life knowledge4 life knowledge5

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