Andrassy Media exists to:

1) provide highly creative and socially progressive visual communications to the non-profit sector

  • fluently and sensitively employing a broad and culturally inclusive range of visual signifiers to maximise the clarity, comprehension and acceptance of the client's message among its audience
  • developing communications that tend towards increasing the equitable distribution of wealth, health, or access to information and decision making processes, or that promote freedom of lifestyle choice, or of movement internationally

2) offer the broadest possible range and highest quality of responses to clients' needs

  • using the full gamut of available visual communications media, so as to be able to choose the appropriate channel purely on the basis of what communicates a client's message most effectively
  • making use of these channels to articulate the widest range of progressive responses to social issues
  • consistently delivering services and products that are among the best in the visual communications industry, to the full satisfaction of our clients and that lead to a continual raising of our own standards.

"Andrassy Media is a visual communications company with a specific and unusual remit: to work with charities, voluntary and statutory sector organisations and social enterprises. This unique focus allows our company to deliver highly effective, creative visual communications that are, above all, appropriate to the sector and its audience."

David Andrassy, director Andrassy Media

Andrassy Media

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