ethos and values

  • Andrassy Media works on the basis of a core commitment to equality and diversity. This applies both to our role as an employer and purchaser of services as set out in our Equality and Diversity Policy, and in relation to our role as 'producers of ideas.'
  • Andrassy Media will portray the diversity of British society in positive ways, and will not produce designs, images or messages which are intended to offend, incite hatred of, or otherwise discriminate against people on the basis of their gender, sexuality, ethnic origin, religion, disability or Trade Union membership.
  • We recognise that the institutionalised inequalities in our society mean that some groups and individuals are excluded from mainstream media discourse. We therefore aim to make work that gives a voice to such excluded groups.
  • The way in which we make our work is also important. We believe in involving stakeholders in the creative process. We applaud the current interest in co-production and will seek to maximise its scope and potential for bringing services providers and their service users into closer collaboration. We welcome the opportunity to work directly with our clients' service users in the delivery of communications projects.

"The organisations we work for are engaged with communities whose voice is seldom heard in mainstream media. We want to change that. So we use whatever media tools are most effective in bringing out the richness and diversity of society, to support the progressive work our clients are doing."

David Andrassy, director Andrassy Media

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