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Andrassy Media develops visual communications that make a difference. For over 15 years, the company has specialised in working with the non-profit sector. We are very proud of our reputation for creating work that speaks compellingly to our clients’ diverse audiences. And we are committed more than ever to putting our skills at the service of organisations that are working to create positive social change.

Originally operating purely as a graphic design agency, the company increasingly responded to its clients’ often complex communications needs by exploring other channels and media to get messages across more effectively. The company rebranded as ‘Andrassy Media’ in 2011 in recognition of this shift.

It was also time to acknowledge that the company was increasingly helping to shape its clients’ messages, through a combination of consultancy input and direct community engagement with its clients’ stakeholders.

As company director, David Andrassy’s knowledge of community and social issues was instrumental in steering the company towards this closer engagement with his clients’ concerns.

Today, Andrassy Media’s reputation rests as much on its expertise in using the written and spoken word to inform, challenge and persuade, as on the company’s considerable visual flair. This ability to shape the message as well as the creative form through which it is expressed – a process often described rather blandly in design circles as ‘content creation’ – is what has marked out Andrassy Media from other design consultancies.

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